Hi, I’m Kenzie. This is my story.

Kenzie’s interest in living a healthy and active life

started at a very young age. She was very active as a child playing every sport she could before deciding to focus on competitive swimming. She swam competitively for several years before suffering from an eating disorder. Although this ultimately led to the end of her swimming career, it also led to her finding her love for weightlifting. This way she was able to gain weight in a positive way and feel healthy and strong.

Three years later

and her love for weightlifting continues to grow everyday. Her fitness journey has become something so much more meaningful than just working on aesthetics. Weightlifting has allowed Kenzie to change her life in a positive way and build a community of hundreds of thousands at the young age of 18. Nothing makes her happier than knowing she is able to help inspire so many females and show them that it is possible. Whatever your goal may be, it is possible!